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  • Android Phone as carpc

    Well where to start.

    I've had a carpc running centrafuse for around 4 years now. I must confess I love it but it really frustrates me as its slow and alot of the features are no longer supported or stopped working.

    I've been looking at Linux and android and I think android is the way forward.

    The other day I found a thread on hear about a sony headunit that allowed you to display (mirrorimaging) and control your phone (touch screen) from the headunit. This got me thinking.

    Can it be done DIY style.

    So last night I set about it. I already have a HTC one X that has video out (HML micro usb) and a touch screen (lilliput 669GL-70NP/C) its just a case of connecting them together.

    I found a HTC AC-M490 MICRO USB TO HDMI cable to connect the phone screen to the liiliput.
    AC-M490 Micro Usb to HDMI

    to control the phone using the monitors touch screen I found this:
    Remote touch for Android

    So that's the phone connected to the monitor. What about the sound I hear you shout.

    HDMI to HDMI + sound

    I will be using an amp I have laying around to amplify the sound to the 4 speakers.

    The phone has FM radio but I'm wanting DAB radio (better signal quality where I live) so I have found this Bluetooth DAB module that you can control from your phone:
    iVy FM/DAB Receiver with Bluetooth

    And finaly for music storage I'm looking at getting a wifi hard drive (ssd obviously)

    So what do you guys and girls think?

    all comments welcome

    Will be looking at starting my project in the next month or so.


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    i wish someone would assemble these and start selling them as a kit.... i have a htc vivid.. and would love this idea.. but i dont want to try to figure this out my self.. just want a plug and play unit...where i just need to connect my phone to the mhl adapter.. and it mirrors and i can control it from my screen...


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      Looking forward to your progress... I'm starting my build by putting an android tablet into the truck while I work on other things. I plan to have both the tablet and a full-fledged computer in the truck eventually, but I'd like to see how your build goes.
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        Its all installed, I'm just waiting for the MimicsX2 board to arrive for the control of the phone. The sound is excellent due to it being digital and the screen is pretty good too. I'm still running the carpc along side at the moment until everything is installed correctly.


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          Ya I'm thinking my system might include a carpc and a tablet. I've got the tablet mounted to the drivers side visor right now to try out using that while I work on the pc. But I think I'll set everything up so the tablet can do most of the day to day functions like music and nav and I'll only have to turn on the pc for more cpu intensive things. This way there is no wait to boot time, no worries about power supply issues on startup, etc. The tablet gets recharged automatically and can easily stay running for long periods of time without draining the truck batteries.
          F350 Superduty 7.3L Diesel - build thread