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  • Freespire

    Anyone using freespire in their system?
    and also what is the best software to run as your gui for your carputer.
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    I've been planning on trying out freespire for a while. Frespire 2.0 should be very cool esp when it has ubuntu as its base. Give it a try.

    I'm personally using LinuxICE Alpha 3 (should be available any day now) with nGhost as the front end gui. However, my opinion might be considered a little bias.
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      I experimented with freespire (can't remember what version but it would have been about 6 months ago) for my girlfriends computer. I wanted her to have a computer free from Microsoft's windows but she had virtually no computer knowledge so it had to be simple.

      Freespire was great as far as i can remember. It's fairly simple to use and visually it looks great. I think i couldn't get the software repository system (CNR) working or found it annoying to use. I ended up using openSUSE on the girlfriend's computer because it's what i use.

      Give it a go and see what you think. Freespire 2 is only in alpha stage - I'd probably wait until it's properly released or get the latest freespire 1.x