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Multi-Seat X-Window and Audio?

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  • Multi-Seat X-Window and Audio?

    Related to this thread: PCI Dual VGA w/ HW MPEG, I am configuring a host that will have three screens, three keyboards, three mice and three audio output devices (simplified view is one onboard, 2x USB; reality is four sound subsystems for some of the "plug backs" required to make everything work properly between system sounds, speech, USB radio device, 4.0 sound, etc., etc.).


    How do I redirect sound from applications on each screen to the appropriate output audio device? Each screen in the back will have its own headphone jack and possibly speakers.

    Is this a configuration where I need to use something like arts, esd or nas?

    Any pointers appreciated.

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    I've played around with doing this briefly. If you have OSS for all your sound cards, you could modify the applications (or change settings if it supports it already, like XMMS) to output to a given /dev/dsp to output to the sound card you want.