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    I am very new to linux and thus, facing a problem with installing the driver for my touchscreen. I am using Freespire now and when I try to run the setup in terminal program the following message appeared: line 53: uudecode: command not found

    I have tried to search for an answer but I can't seem to find an answer. So hopefully someone here can help me or maybe point me to the right direction. Thanks!

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    You need to install uudecode. I don't know about Freespire but in Gentoo it is in the package "sharutils" IIRC. I think Fedora is the same package as well (been a while).

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      It looks like the uudecode package is not loaded or not in your search path. What is happening is you are running the setup and it contains the source code in it and it is uuencoded. It needs uudecode to extract a file (touchkit.tgz) from within itself.

      I have not used freespire so I do not know how to install the uudecode package on that platform. You may already have it but it is in a different place than expected. You can see where the program is looking by doing this:
      sed -n '53p'
      The output should have something like /bin/uudecode [...] If not, it may be sourcing your path to find it.

      If Linspire has the locate package, try:
      locate uudecode
      If you find uudecode, you will need to add the dir to your path.

      Another solution is to open the in Windows using WinRAR and save the touchkit.tgz from it. Then, once you get it onto your Linspire system, you can:
      tar -C /tmp -xvzf touchkit.tgz
      and it will extract to your /tmp directory.
      cd /tmp/touchkit
      and see what happens. That is pretty much what the script would do provided you had uudecode installed.

      I'm also fairly certain (from doing this in kubuntu) you will need your kernel headers installed as well as make, tcl, tk, imake, gcc, glibc-devel, and kernel-devel for USB version.

      Disclaimer: Don't blame me if your system becomes unusable... My response should be considered worth exactly what you paid for it, $0.00 Good luck!
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        hi walstib,

        Thanks for the help, do not worry I won't blame anyone if my system crashes. I can always reload everything....

        When i enter the command <sed -n '53p'>
        This is the return <uudecode "$0" || exit 1>

        When I try to locate the uudecode,
        this is the return <locate: warning: database `/var/cache/locate/locatedb' is more than 8 days old

        How do I add the directory to the path?

        Any advise on how I should approach the problem?


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          Coupla things...

          Your "locate" database hasn't been updated in a while. Do you have the cron daemon (i.e. service in Win speak) configured? Normally the slocate database is updated once a day depending on what is in your crontab(s).

          /usr/share/emacs/21.3/lisp/gnus/uudecode.elc is not a program/binary. It is a uudecode handler for the emacs editor.

          Given the above it appears to me that uudecode is not installed. Try to find out how to install packages under Freespire and then find out which package contains the uudecode/uuencode binaries. It'll likely be a package called uuencode or shar-utils/sharutils.

          Install that and re-run your touch screen driver installer. It should work provided there are no other bits missing.

          FWIW, it is pretty normal nowadays for uudecode to not get installed in the base OS installation of most Linux distros. It is also pretty normal for a package containing the program to be easily accessible for the distro.

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