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linux based ALDL software

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  • linux based ALDL software

    I've set up a Fujitsu Stylistic 1200 tablet PC with win98 and winALDL to do diagnostics scans on my 91 Blazer. I would love to put linux on this PC but I can't find any linux based scanning software. Does anyone know of anything?

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    I was going to suggest Carman which is an app written for the n800 that can run on desktop Linux with a few hacks. But it appears to be only OBD-II compatable .
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      Does Freediag do ALDL? I think it might but it's been a long time since I looked at it.
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        for now you can use your winALDL under emulation (wine), Carman project seems to be very promising, but it's still in early development state, and it's not really uniform in code, which makes it a bit hard to use.
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          I'll try running winALDL under emulation. Thanks. If I could find some source code in C for a basic scanner I might be able to build something and compile it under linux.