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Cheap mini itx board that works great in linux - $60

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  • Cheap mini itx board that works great in linux - $60

    I just saw a post on slashdot, this via 1.5ghz board is only $60. Time to start hacking

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    Dimensions: 190mm x 228mm (W x L)

    Doesn't look like mini-itx dimensions to me?
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      It looks like a FlexATX. This is the board used in that new Everex gPC.
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        I'll never buy VIA anything again if I want to run Linux on it.

        For that approx price you'd be better off with the Intel D201GLY w/ Celeron CPU included in the store or going with some other make Intel Core based board. OR AMD based if you are of that persuasion.

        There's no compelling reason to run VIA hardware any more and their Linux support effectively sucks, particularly where display drivers are concerned.
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