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DSL for a DA?

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  • DSL for a DA?

    I've been pondering what OS to use on my car pc and I came across this: I would like to try it but I have absolutely no experience with Linux at all. I wanted to keep my car pc, "solid state" by booting my OS off a flash drive and this seems like it would be perfect. Is this easy enough for the novice user, or would I be better trying to use XP or Vista?
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    DSL is a really tiny OS that may be worth an experiment. Coming directly from XP has its learning curves: getting touchscreen to work, front-end applications, navigation, etc. However in the end you benefit because you have a small, fast, and to-the-point carpc that works like you want it to. You just have to put a little more work into it.

    I'd feel like a spammer if I'd mentioned LinuxICE and how it is small and includes all the stuff to get you started (touchscreen calibrator, frontend, etc) so I'll avoid talking about it all together :P . oops, did I just do it again?....
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      Hmmm, LinuxICE sounds like its right up my alley, but is it ok to run it off of flash memory? I ask b/c I have heard that you can not run certain OS's on flash memory (xp, vista). Also is there any certain hardware requirements for Linux? I was thinking about using the Intel D201GLY Little Valley Mainboard, Would this work?
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