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  • Something I saw recently


    I'm new to the forums. I came here because Google said there was discussions of Computers in cars and Linux here.

    I was wandering through the store today and found a head unit made by a company called Roadmaster VR3. The unit is their VRVD640G. It uses an ARM processor, a USB port and a SD card slot. Only downside is it runs WindowsCE, which is not my operating system of choice.

    Anyone ever installed Linux on one of these? If so, how did it go?


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    if this is what you are talking about then no, you cant install linux on it.
    Once you've had the "Carputer" experience, you will wonder how you ever lived without it...


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      If he was talking about that one he probably would have put down VRCD400SDU as a model number and not VRVD640G. as for installing Linux on it I'm guessing no

      Edit: your questions about this product would be better answered on the roadmaster forum found here


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        Actually I've been lurking the forums for weeks now and debating on building a carputer or getting one of these puppies in the end I got the VRVD640G due to financial restraints and after a bit of scouring the net and compiling WinCE programs and games and such here's my end product:

        The following is for anyone who may want it, it's an extra menu for the stereo with 31+ games apps and such that work natively with the stereo without neededing to modify it!
        Detailed instructions are in the README.TXT inside the .rar

        (file is also attached for members)
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          I'm building a controlsystem for my carpc based on an xscale arm with 500MHz, 64MB RAM, Ethernet, USB

          I'm using this baseboard:

          And this "distro":