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  • Linux+PPC=#$%^

    It's been about 6 month now and I've been searching everything from google to these types of forums about carputers and what not. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish.

    I have an old ****ty computer (PIII 350mhz 256MB ram) that I want to put linux on, throw in the back of my car and connect to the stereo and play mp3s. For a control interface I want to use my Pocket PC (Axim x30 BT & Wifi). I've already thought about mpd and mpd4ppc for control but I haven't been able to get mpd4ppc, this site is down I from what I've seen I'm not sure its conducive to being used while driving.

    So, if anyone knows of any alternatives that may be able to do the same thing I'm all ears. Also if you have a copy of mpd4ppc I'd enjoy having a copy of it...

    Thanks in advance.

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    also, why don't you try VNC. Seriously, VNC will do what you want. Your computer iwll be considered a remote terminal, as it doesn't have a display or keyboard. as long as its on, use wifi to connect. you might want to consider adding a router to your car. Gigabyte had a small PCI one. i have it and it works great and is really low power. Besides, you dont' need loads of power anyways, as it will be in car. have your linux terminal have a static ip addy, then VNC away to that ip.

    If you do all your set up at home wiht a display, and make sure linux boots EVERY TIME without a display, this will work. Plus its free!*

    *plus the cost of hardware

    I would probably get a SDC so you don't drain your battery too much if you plan to run the computer after the car is off.
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