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Experience with Linux on Fujitsu Point 1600 Tablet?

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  • Experience with Linux on Fujitsu Point 1600 Tablet?

    There was a thread from 2005 about running Linux on a Fujitsu Point 1600 tablet pc, but there was no update on how the project turned out. I was wondering if anybody here has had any success or experience since then with the 1600 and Linux.

    I just got a 1600, and my plan is to install Damn Small Linux on a Compact Flash Card, then try to boot the 1600 from the CF card using a CF to IDE adapter. The 1600 has a USB port and a PCMCIA slot, but it will ONLY boot from a hard drive or an external floppy.

    I've searched the net for examples of 1600s or other older Fujistsu tablets running Linux, but the few hits I've had were several years old, and were not encouraging. I'm crossing my fingers that today's distros will be more amenable to the task than those that were available in 2005, and that DSL won't be too hard to modify to get the 1600 running and productive.

    Background: So far, my only Linux experience has been limited to browsing through an old "Linux for Dummies" book from 2005, and recently getting an old PIII that was gathering dust at my employer's office up-and-running so that he wouldn't have to buy a new computer for the office's intern. To do that, I just downloaded every liveCD distro I could find and tried them one-by-one until I found one that would boot, which ended up being DSL.

    If anybody's had any experience with this particular hardware, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks in advance!