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    I am about to start buying hardware for my carputer system.

    I am thinking two screens up front, and two screens in the back seats.
    The screens in the back seats will just be run off of svideo and play what I have queued up from mythvideo.

    The screens up front will be the main control screen, and a dedicated GPS screen.

    I would liek to use compiz and have the different functions run off the cube.
    GPS, XMRadio, MythVideo, MythMusic would be the 4 starter systems, and then ODB-II at a later date and some other ones as I find interest in them.

    I'm quite comfortable with Redhat / Fedora, but I was wondering what would be best for a dedicated system such as this. I know it's like asking everyone what their favourite pie is, but I'd like to hear some suggestions.

    I want something that will run Myth, because I'll be using that as the basis for my system. I'd like compiz support, for flipping windows like the cube. I plan on having a taskbar / button bar on the bottom of the screen that will bring up the different apps. I'm not too concerned about loading times yet, but don't want to start with too much bloat.

    Also, I'd like to know what hardware would be good enough to pull all this off. I realize taht I have a powersupply that I have to take into account for, which may be the limiting factor.

    Would love to hear some feedback.