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  • Athene

    I've been looking at this over the last few days. There doesn't seem to be much new on this since 2004-2005 which makes me a little skeptical about whether it would work with some of the newer hardware. I also understand it doesn't work with VIA boards which makes it a non-starter for most people.

    That said, I'm excited about the potential of this unless I have grossly misunderstood something. This OS has a boot time of 4-8 seconds on 2005 hardware and a standard hard drive. I'm seriously thinking about trying to find a fast board, stumping up the cash for a decent quality SSD and put this on it!

    Any thoughts comments before I make a big mistake?

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    the biggest difference with Athene is that it doesn't use X11. But even still, 5-10second boot times can be easily achieved in Linux by hacking with some configurations. LinuxICE resumes from hibernate in 11seconds with a special kernel. And that's just with a kernel configuration. I know some of the gentoo users achieve much faster than LinuxICE.

    However, if you don't want to put forth the configuration effort yourself, I'm positive some of the light modern distributions are just as fast. check out and search around...

    It just doesn't seem like you gain much from that OS and you sacrifice 3 years of Linux improvements (which is Open Source terms is a Long, Long time. and yes, windows XP is an ancient operating system if it lived in the same space as do open source distros).
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