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state of linux in the car

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  • state of linux in the car

    So, I have just recently getten interested in linux as I have installed ubuntu on two of my PC's at home. I am extremely new to it still, learning my way around the innards of the OS. I am wondering now about linux in my car.

    Right now I am using winxp home on a VIA Mii10000 board with 1GB ram and a 80GB HD, PCMCIA card for wifi (netgear). Using a Xenarc 7 inch touchscreen - don't remember the model number, but it is the popular one TS700 or something like that.

    Anyway, what is the current state of linux in the car compared to a system with winxp and say roadrunner? I was reading something about Ubuntu (mobile edition) MID edition, where the OS is completely designed to be used on a touch screen interface and that looks interesting, but seems to be specifically aimed at commercial products and not an x86 based PC. What functions are available to linux that would be useful in the car? Is there a navigation application? I assume music and video playback is easy enough to do, but what about ease of use with a touch screen (big buttons for fat fingers, ect?)

    Just wondering about this as i am really starting to like the linux flavors I have tried so far way over windows.


    Mike P.

    Epia Mii10000 1GB ram, 80GB 2.5HD

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    Search man... the answers are here.

    Things to look into: LinuxICE, nghost, navit, RoadNav

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.