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  • Garmin source code

    The news is a bit old.. 6 of july.. but no one commented it in here...

    I only want to now if this ( are the archives with the source of nuvi gps interface,, I so crazy to think that we can have a linux version of this interface which use garmin (navteq) maps??

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    Very doubtful, most UI stuff on embedded platforms is proprietary and won't be released with the GPL stuff.


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      wow.. over than 100mb of sources without something useful?'.. damn

      Thanks for the reply..


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        The question is, does the source include the functions for reading the map data, and exactly WHAT map data can you read?

        I have some of the old city-select datapacks, but I have a feeling this wouldn't help me with that.
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          Other than the raw filesystem reads, which wouldn't help you, all the GPS stuff is done in the frontend software that is closed source.

          This source code would only help if you were trying to run the Garmin software from the dedicated device on another ARM based Linux handheld. Similar to what some Zaurus users have done with TomTom software.

          There are multiple opensource software GPS packages out there, some with ability to get maps from several sources, including government maps.