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  • Navit & fullscreen

    I have Ubuntu 8.10 amd64 and Navit 0.4.4 and it works OK.

    My xml looks like this:
    <gui type="gtk" ...
    <graphics type="gtk_drawing_area" ...

    I would like Navit to start with fullscreen ... how can that be done ?

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    I don't know if you can, but a hack would be to use a 3rd program wmctrl (you might have to install it if you haven't already).

    The parameter would be wmctrl -a Navit -b add,fullscreen

    to remove fullscreen you might have to type wmctrl -a Navit -b remove,fullscreen
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      OK - it worked but how do I get it working as one script.

      When I added wmctrl -a Navit -b add,fullscreen
      after the Navit-startup line (in my statup script) it didn't work but when I issued the command wmctrl -a Navit -b add,fullscreen from a terminal window then the Navit window changed to fullscreen ...

      Apparently I did something wrong but what ???


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        Now it works ... when I had:

        navit &
        wmctrl -a Navit -b add,fullscreen

        it didn't work but when I delayed wmctrl it did:

        navit &
        sleep 2
        wmctrl -a Navit -b add,fullscreen