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Nokia Tablets - some software for cars

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  • Nokia Tablets - some software for cars

    I'm developing a GPS and OBD-II backend (which already works with the proprietary data on my Harley, which is sadly in storage now until the snow goes away).

    The Nokia n810 units are around $400, and feature an 800x480 transflective (sunlight readable) screen (the colors lose saturation but it is quite readable).

    There is a parallel project "Carman" which is fancier.

    Most use any Elm327 based scanner with a bluetooth link including the $60 one from deal extreme, but I prefer the ObdPros module:
    (which has extended modes, like wake-up-in-monitor-mode I use on my Harley).

    Most of these projects can be found with descriptions and comments on Internet Tablet Talk
    With links to project pages.

    I just added experimental Valentine V1 support and have the data going through an aircable module with about $10 of radioshack parts (phone cord, 2*4k, 10k, 2n3904 - aircable powered via phone cord).

    I haven't seen much discussion here lately so I thought I would mention it. The minigpsd program is Linux centric, not Nokia centric and logs to KML (and includes as XML comments all the OBD traffic and every NMEA sentence). The Nokia has a built-in GPS, and I use that in parallel with my 10Hz GPS, as I do on my laptop - my programs work on any Linux system.

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    Do you have your gps software hosted anywhere? and what toolkit are you using for the gui? does routing work? is the osm support?


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      dude, we should totally be working together!
      Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
      Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
      Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.


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        There is an older version of my mapping software (using Qt3 but ported to the tablet - also linux/cygwin) at, which is where the betas are of my new software.

        Mine doesn't do routing. I think MaemoMapper (for the tablet) or the others (navit, roadmap) work and the tablet has a map with subscription routing. - I'm just doing the core right now.

        Feel free to take a look - it is all GPLv3. I'm using Python for some simple front-ends and generally using shared memory areas for speed (i.e. after decoding data, I write status out to a mmaped structure so it is instantly available to the entire system - this tends to be easier on the cpu and thus battery life than dbus or networking).