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    hello all. ok so i have started making my move toward linux as my OS of choice for my car setup. i have been using the hildon desktop that makes things much easier to see/use while driving. i checked out LinuxICE with nGhost as the front end. first off i would like to say that it seems to be a very well laid out/ thought out distro + front end. however, i just really like the hildon desktop on Ubuntu 8.04, and the way it all works. the downside is the music player that comes with hildon is next to impossible to get working (at least for me. i am still very much a newbie when it comes to linux). this is where my app comes in.

    I started development for the is frontend as an OSX only app. then i quickly realized that with a couple extra lines of code i could support all of the big 3 OSes. the name of my app is NASair, which is built using flex (adobe's RIA IDE). I am utilizing AIR (adobe's solution for making RIA, full desktop apps) to give my app filesystem access. As of right now the app is a music only front end. Being that it is rooted in flash, i don't have hardware access so built in GPS and OBD-II is going to be a pain. i am however, working on a fix for this in the future. in the mean time i think the music only style coupled with the Ubuntu-mobile + hildon desktop works very well.

    Also at this point i have not done a whole lot of testing in linux with this app. Unfortunately my screen in my car is broken ( has been ever since i started writing this app ) so i have never actually been able to use it in the car. i have it running on my machine that will be used in my car, to make sure that the installation and configuration all works, but after that i have not done a whole lot of actual use yet.

    so if you would like you can check out my signature below for the link to download and try it out. Let me know what you think. constructive criticism ( or just plain ol criticism ) is always welcome as to better the project.
    Check out the new version of NAS, a cross platform music frontend here