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carman and ubuntu

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  • carman and ubuntu

    hi everyone,

    Does anyone know if Carman can be used with ubuntu?

    I am using ubuntu 8.10 for my OS. I am very happy with how its running, and I like the custom configurations I can do with the desktop (which is why I am not using linuxice). The only thing I am missing is OBD2 support. I am using a program called evoscan in virtualbox, but this is a clunky way to view gauges when im not datalogging.


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    nGhost has an obd2 plugin:

    I have yet to meet a person who has gotten carman to run on anything but the n8x0. You can get it to display on a desktop by tweaking the SDL code (turn off fullscreen, use software accelleration instead of hardware), but unless you know python and sdl, it's not easy. The hardest part will be connecting it to a bluetooth scantool, which I don't think anyone has accomplished.
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      i am guessing that since nghost is ubuntu based that it is do able
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