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    Hey guys,
    I'm a total noobz0r w/ Linux, but Windows has really been ****ing me off lately. I recently bought an IDE to CF adapter and like a 4GB CF card to boot off of (my HD i think suffered too much from speedbumps and the like). I have XP and everything installed, but it just sucks at playing any video file. I have CCC pack installed and everything, but i'm only getting like 1 frame every 5 seconds or so. Anyway, I have been thinking about giving LinuxICE a try, but i was wondering if it would be worth it or not. I have an old Celeron FV524RX running at (apparently) 466 MHz, like 128 MB of ram, and a ghetto-ace pci Video card (the mobo also has integrated video, which is probably just as good as the card). Is LinuxICE fairly easy to install/use, and would my system be enough to run it?

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    you can take a look at linux live cds like ubuntu, fedora, slax and so on, that way you can make sure everything works the way you want it without the need to install the os.
    also give nlite a try it allows you to strip xp of all the unnecessary carpc services, or you can install a lower os like 2000 which requires less requirements.
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      What sort of things do you strip xp of?
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        Originally posted by capcadetjc View Post
        What sort of things do you strip xp of?
        talk about raising the dead...

        XP runs a bunch of unneeded crap like explorer, windows messenger, etc, etc, etc. It also annoys the crap out of you for the first little while until you click "Don't tell me again" on everything that pops up.

        In short, windows was never designed for the car, and it doesn't run optimally in it for that reason. Linux on the other hand *can* be designed to run in the car, hence the OpenICE project *cough* *cough*.

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