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Sheeva Plug and virtual gauges(im a nooB)

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  • Sheeva Plug and virtual gauges(im a nooB)

    Hey guys. Let me preface this that Im just looking for some answers to a few questions just to see if what Im hoping to do is actually possible. I dont have the faintest clue about Linux but thats whats on a Plug and given the thing costs $99 it may be worth learning.

    Ok heres the idea. For a long time I have wanted to make a virtual dash using one or two 7" screens mounted behind a bezel to look like round gauges and look OEM (this would be going into a very custom 64 Malibu). I know there are very limited products on the market that are first very expensive and secondly not that customizable for a particular application other than the different skins that may come with the product (Im refering to Magden in this case). On an electronics forum I am on, I got into a discussion about a microcontroller based system to do this and the general consensus was that a micro wasnt going to be the best way to go for something like this and what was needed was more or less a PC without a keyboard. I dont really have any computing requirements short of reading sensors and displaying them on a screen so I dont need mp3 control or stuff like that, just instrumentation althiough it could be cool to add other stuff if it wasnt that bad. Things like a multi gauge that could display nav or other body controls like some newer cars would be trick but right now gauges only is fine for me.

    I dont necessarily need it to just plug and go in an obd2 port although the car has an ls1 so it has that built it. I was going to make a micro that could read sensors and output data over serial to the computer. From there out to the screen(s)

    What I wanted to know is if anyone could point me in the direction of a gauge program that I could customise to my liking. My forte in the computer world revolves around art and multimedia such as Pshop, Illustrator and Flash (more or less anything from Adobe). I am an idiot when it comes to actual programming though and hopefully I dont have to become a hardcore programmer to do this.

    Im praying I dont get a bunch of use the search posts cause I have searched and have necessarily found anything for Linux, either that or I wasnt aware that it could be used with it. Either way Im hoping someone has a link either to a particular thread or another site so I can take a look at it. Thanks