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  • Need some Linux advise

    Hi guys. Iíve been a Microsoft guy for a long time, and I started programming on it 2 years ago. My platform has been VB.Net Express Edition, and Iíve gotten quite comfortable with it. Recently I have reassessed what I need to do, and I think Linux would be a great fit in a couple places.

    Project Background: I have a Windows box that gets GPS data and uses that to steer a farm tractor. While it is working good, I want to split the steering math away from the other user related stuff. We also do logging, and if I have to load old data, it might take a second to load from file. While that is happening, the steering process suffers due to CPU load. I want to go from a single computer solution to a dual computer solution. There would still be a windows box that the operator would interact with, but there would be a second box running Linux doing the critical stuff. I donít envision even putting a monitor on the Linux node, since it would be acting more like an embedded device. Due to this, I anticipate doing most of the monitoring and configuration via a web browser.

    So a couple weeks ago I really started digging in to Linux and C++. I currently have a VirtualBox VM running Kubuntu 9.04 and Iíve been trying various programming IDEs. Kdevelop is what Iím using now, but Iíve tried Anjuta, Eclipse, and CodeBlocks. I had expectations of an IDE as ďsmartĒ as VBEE, but I havenít seen anything that smooth on the Linux side. Does such an IDE exist in the Linux world?


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    Monodevelop is really good IDE IMHO. You can use it to do c/c++, VB, C#, Vala, and a few other languages.

    Monodevelop 2.0 is also compatible with visual studio (2005/2008) projects. So in theory, you could dev in VS and compile it in MD -if that is what you feel like doing.

    KDevelop is good too, but usually not out of the box. You have to tweak some options to get autocomplete working good, but once you do, autocomplete is on par or better than visualstudio.
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      The autocomplete stuff is mainly what I'm interested in. Does Monodevelop do that right out of the box?