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Verizon AirCard (USB727) + Ubuntu

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  • Verizon AirCard (USB727) + Ubuntu

    So I did a bunch of research on this today, managed to get mine hooked up and running, but in kind of an unorthodox way. The general consensus it seems is to plug the thing in, sudo modprobe -r usbserial (unload the usbserial driver) then reload it with the vendor ID and product ID of the air card you're using. Ok so I did all that. Then you're supposed to download and install the KPPP package, which I also did, and configured it as directed by the sprint instructions (all U727 cards use the same architecture).

    Long story short, I got connected by clicking the network icon in the upper right and switching to the "Auto Mobile Broadband (CDMA)" connection. However, when I try to connect using KPPP, it won't connect.

    Well, really, it connects and then disconnects. Upon looking at the PPP log I see that it "Cannot determine ethernet address for proxy arp" (but then still seems to connect and immediately drops the connection).

    I don't have the log here since I have the computer set up on my test bench at work, but I googled around for the answer and it seems to be a general theory that it's something to do with the ARP tables, routing tables, and/or subnet/MAC/IP of the air card not matching up with something else in the system.

    Like I said I was able to get connected with no problem using the network icon in the upper left, but that doesn't explain why KPPP isn't working, and I'm not sure whether that method will be reliable once I actually get everything installed in the car.

    Can anyone shed any light on this situation? Thanks in advance!

    Edit: BTW this is using Ubuntu 9.0.4 with Kernel 2.6.28-12 (Jaunty). Motherboard is a D945GCLF2 (Intel Atom 330) and a Fujitsu 320GB HDD.

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    Originally posted by ThePistonDoctor View Post
    Long story short,
    Sorry man, this long story was not short so I didn't read it all. Ironically vzw just released a version of vzaccess manager which supports ubuntu and other linux distros. .



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      I'll have to check that out...if you read it though, you'd realize I was already up and running using the built in networking...was just wondering why kppp specifically wouldn't work


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        I dont see a Linux version there.Just Windows and Mac. Am I missing something?