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Xenarc 705TSV + Ubuntu 9.0.4

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  • Xenarc 705TSV + Ubuntu 9.0.4

    Hi all,

    One other question. I am just about ready to install everything. I've got nGhost installed and running, wireless keyboard and mouse working, air card for internet access working, but unfortunately (stupidly) I rand the VGA cable for the touchscreen already in my car and it's under the carpet along the center console which means if I want it back I have to gut the whole car (again).

    Is there anything I can do to minimize the chances of my touchscreen not working at least enough so I can get it calibrated once I install the PC this weekend? It's the last piece to get working before it's functional and I can actually start having some fun!

    I REALLLLLLY don't want to take the whole car apart again, and yes I will have to because I gutted it ALL to run the wiring for the computer, two amps, a sub, and a front component set.


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    Anyone got any advice on this? I don't have drivers for Ubuntu nor do I have a CD ROM so I'd like to install whatever's needed before I disconnect from my test bench where I have internet access.


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      I don't understand, the screen doesn't work? Does it turn on? Or does it just require calibration?

      If it just requires calibration, download the TouchKit driver for egalax based touchscreens: extract, run sudo, restart, run sudo TouchKit, and do the 4 point calibration.
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        You say you have a VGA cable for touchscreen but touchscreen commands can't run though a VGA cable.....doesn't make sense.

        You said you ran your VGA cable under the carpet but this is bad because........doesn't make sense.

        I can't figure out what it is you're doing.
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          Sorry for the confusion guys. What I was trying to say is I have already installed the touchscreen in the car but the PC is still on my workbench hooked up to a regular VGA monitor. The cable for the touchscreen is in the car, under the carpet so that all I have to do is plug it into the PC and go when I install the PC.

          If I install the PC this weekend and hook it up to the screen and it doesn't work, I will have no screen to be able to troubleshoot it unless I take the PC out and go back inside to my workbench.

          Since the driver CD I got with the Xenarc didn't come with drivers specifically for Ubuntu, I haven't installed anything for the touchscreen or tested it at all. I am relying on the hope that it will "just work" when I plug everything in. But, it looks like Kev posted what I need, so I will have to download and install the packages he suggested and then when I get the computer booted up in the car just run the touchkit app and calibrate it in the car.

          I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to end up hooking everything up and not have a display in the car because I hadn't installed something that I needed.