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    I've been looking for a media player that will work well with the software setup for my carpc. within the past month the media player Elisa, went under a major rewrite of the gui. and the new project is called Moovida. I've been very happy with the interface. I'm running it on top of Ubuntu 9.04 right now.

    I'd be interested in hearing feeback from anyone else that tries it. I think you'll be impressed.

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    Hmm - i'm installing Ubuntu 9.04 right now (i scored my sister's old laptop - my current setup is really being gay right now) so i think i'm gonna check this out. I'll let you know how it goes


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      It would be very basic for a car PC, but as just a music/video player it by far the best solution for a touchscreen. As far as I can tell its the only program which allows you to "drag" the song list to navigate like an ipod touch, which is GREAT when you have a large library.

      My biggest problem with it is how small the fonts are on smaller screens.


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        Yeah i agree, the fonts are a bit small. The overall design though is pretty sweet - I especially like the "grab and throw" functionality when navigating through the library and such.


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          Moovida is wonderful. If a little slow.

          I'm creating the software side of my CarPC using my laptop, a 1.6ghz Celeron and Moovida struggles to keep pace with what I'm doing. I think the intel drivers are causing a bit of the grief here, so I look forward to the newer Ubuntu release.

          I agree the fonts are too small. I'm running at 800x600 on a 14 inch screen (to simulate what I'll get when it's installed), and it's difficult to read. It's only going to be worse at 800x400 on a 7 inch screen!


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            Originally posted by Ribs View Post
            Moovida is wonderful. If a little slow.

            I'm creating the software side of my CarPC using my laptop, a 1.6ghz Celeron and Moovida struggles to keep pace with what I'm doing.
            What are you up to, exactly?
            My project: double indash, Golf IV


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              Originally posted by eurocarpc View Post
              What are you up to, exactly?
              Are you asking how my project is going?

              If so:
              Yes, that's a facebook link, but you don't need an account to view those pictures.

              Back to moovida -- I've logged a bug report here:
              and got some great feedback already on how to fix our font problem. I'll be trying these over the weekend.



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                Yeah, the question is "are you developing a new frontend?" And it looks like it, from the pics you linked. How is that project going? What do you have working already and what are your short-term goals for it?
                My project: double indash, Golf IV


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                  Calling it a frontend is probably a bit much but yeah, it's 'working' as best it can on the laptop at the moment.

                  I currently have no hardware for the car, so I have to use it with the laptop sitting on the passenger seat and the headphone plugged into the stereo in the car. The Internet radio is proving tough. I have a mobile broadband stick on the laptop, but this seems to only work whenever it feels like it.

                  Moovida works exceptionally well for the music and is a joy to use. TangoGPS is actually nicer than I though it would be, even without routing. It makes me think about my route, but I still have a instant reference should I make a wrong turn.

                  Keeping everything as 'standard' as possible makes it very easy to just use whatever software I want, and I just switch between them as I would do on a normal desktop. I need an elegant solution to volume control, but I think the rest is pretty much there.

                  Next step will be to get an amp fitted, and the stereo removed from the car. I'll then fit a 7 inch touchscreen and feed that to the laptop whilst I wait for the next payday Removing the stereo is not easy in my car (already attempted it). It's due a service soon, so I'm going to ask them to take it out then.

                  After that, it will be a proper computer under the drivers seat. Then we are cooking. If I can get the mobile Internet working properly, I may not bother with any FM or DAB radio at all.