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  • PHPuter


    I'm wondering if anyone will have interest in frontent running under
    PHP + GTK2. It is running on my EEE901 with composite effects under X server.
    As a player is used vlc for audio and mplayer for video. My OS is gentoo.

    For now it is private project but if there will be interest for such a beast i can
    clean it a little bit and make it publicly available.

    I'm even working on simple php API allowing easy development of another modules.

    Some old ( very old ) pictures can be found here



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    Nice so see fellow GTk'ers... I thought about doing something similar at first. But as my demands for my system went up, did my hope of doing it with PHP GTk down. I'm now writing in C# instead. (and probably end up running Ride Runner anyways)..

    But if you have something of your own, that works.. Hey, by all means... Share!
    Having options is always a good thing!


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      Crinos: may i ask why you abandon PHP, what was the demand which force you to use C ?

      edit: so far i was able to solve everything in php - some things was tricky, like interprocess communication, forks etc biggest challange will be dbus communication and navit implementation


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        Hum... they MAIN reason for changing to C# where that I wanted something to be 100% 64-bit.
        So I have written my own MP3 player with fMOD and included the warning tones from my car into the sound system. So, when I back up and the PDC lights up, the MP3 is muffled and the warning tone is increased. Same goes for every warning my car beeps me for.

        Also, I thought that this would be an excellent way to learn C#, something it have been.


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          i see


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            Few pictures

            Few new pictures from recent version ...
            Attached Files


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              Wow! looking good.
              Former author of LinuxICE, nghost, nobdy.
              Current author of Automotive Message Broker (AMB).
              Works on Tizen IVI. Does not represent anyone or anything but himself.


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                I would love to be able to try this - I still haven't been able to get nghost running on my powerpc mac mini, but I'm pretty sure I can get php running

                if you wouldn't mind making the code public, I'd love to mess around with it.



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                  First technological preview

                  Here is the first technological preview - it is not usable in car right now, this is stripped testing version with core functionality - displaying windows, running background scheduler and event handler with first version of "user friendly" environment testing :-)

                  This is my first public release so please give me some feedback, thanks