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  • Gauge Graphics Library

    Are there pre-made graphics libraries with common dash gauge graphics available from somewhere? I'm looking for gauges such as speedometer, tach, fuel, turbo boost, engine temp, battery voltage, etc.

    I tried a search for these, but I did not find much.

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    dash command you can make you own


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      That's what I was hoping to avoid. Surely, someone's built gauge graphics and controls already and posted them as a library. Then I can concentrate on other parts of the system such as the hardware:-)
      -Or am I hoping for too much?


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        This is how I understood it:

        dashcommand is a program, with which you can build your own gauges.
        But, if you have bought the program, you can ALSO download gauges that other people made !
        Maybe you can change them a little, or just use them "as is" ?


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          dashcommand doesn't run on linux does it?
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            Do you mean you're looking for a widget set, or a completed OBDII dashboard?

            FLTK has a great dial widget [no, it doesn't. It has a hideous one, but at least it has one!]. Qt has one too, but like the FLTK one, I'd hardly call it a thing of beauty.

            This slashdot thread might give you some ideas. One or more of the toolkits linked there will almost certainly have a dial that doesn't look like ***.

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