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    Cool article, shows that not only is android a competitive carpc platform, but its also commercial. Blows a hole in most of the anti-android-carpc arguments (sorry kev).

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    Did i miss something? I see no video and no other screens or anything that would give an indication that this is a competitive in car platform.
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      Originally posted by unsungboxer View Post
      Blows a hole in most of the anti-android-carpc arguments (sorry kev).
      Nope. My argument that dropping a handset UI into the car being a bad idea still stands. This is a new UI, designed for the car on top of android, which itself is just a screwed up version of Linux.

      Right now I see two reasons why companies would consider using android for a car OS:

      1) They need a touchy UI toolkit to make apps with. There's no way around this. Android has a stable touchscreen UI toolkit that is free and open source. Can you think of any alternatives? Sure there's MeeGo, and it is better (IMHO), but it's not stable yet and won't be until later this year. Oh, there's also the nGhost UI framework, but it's not very competitive when compared to something like MeeGo or Android (although, there has been a company or two toying with it).

      2) They want to ride the hype train. Let's face it, Android has a lot of momentum and marketing success behind it. And they've also generated a possibly unquantifiable amount of goodwill for being more open(-ish) than apple.

      There are a bunch of reasons not to use android, but being one of the only solutions mature and stable enough to use in a product today, companies don't have much of a choice. You can't use Android's UI framework without all the nasty android bits underneath. So you are pretty much locked in for life.
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        noticed that GUI today.

        I had thought somebody in China ported RR or something. Looks like they were smarter and just went OpenSource.

        hmmm, but will meego have the stamina to maintain market share large enough to be noticeable and relevant?