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Need help with dual boot settup!!!

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  • Need help with dual boot settup!!!

    I need help with my dual boot setup. I have Windows XP installed and running great...I plan on purchasing Centrafuse as my front end from the mp3car store next week(been playing with the trial version, and I gotta say this is the best frontend out there). Originally was going to use LinuxICE as my primary OS, but too much stuff wouldn't work properly...touchscreen for example...and Navit just isn't gonna cut it for my navigation needs(not enough features and not easy enough to use), plus I am still new to linux and don't feel like spending anymore time on trying to fix stuff. So I opted for a Windows system, and everything was easy as kindergarten to setup and everything works properly. So I opted to use a full Ubuntu install as a secondary OS, which also runs properly, with the exception of the touch screen(which is why Linux won't be my primary system any time soon, but I don't mind using a wireless or usb mouse when using it...which won't be often, and will mainly be used for downloading when necessary and web browsing, since linux is virtually virus, spyware, and malware proof).

    My problem is that I want to use the xp bootloader as my default loader. I have Ubuntu's bootloader(grub) installed on it's partition. Both OS's boot fine with no errors. I need to add Ubuntu to my XP boot.ini(which I can easily do), but I need it to point to my Ubuntu partition bootloader.

    I have tried other methods, but none seem to work. I just need to know what line to add to the boot.ini so it will point to the right place to begin loading grub, more specifically what to type in. How do I accomplish this? I shouldn't have to go messing around editing anything else to make this happen, or messing with menu.1st either. All I need is for the boot.ini entry that I plan on editing to point to the right place on my Ubuntu partition to start the boot process, like it does when the partition is made active(used fdisk on an old win98 cd to make my Linux partition active to test, and it worked flawlessly). Then I used the 98 disk to put XP back to active status after my test with no problems at all. Both partions boot perfectly when made active, but I have to keep XP active if I want its bootloader to be the default one(do not wish to use grub as my default loader). I know It would be easier to use grub since it adds windows automatically, but I want to use XP's bootloader.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help(please don't ask me silly questions or tell me to use this program or that...just give me a simple detailed answer on where my boot.ini entry needs to point to). I should be able to get the desired results by editing ONLY the boot.ini....I am better at working with windows than I am with linux!!!!

    Ubuntu is installed on a separate partition on the same drive(the 3rd one...Xp is the first partition, swap is the 2nd).
    Linux(Learning the curve...Like when driving!!!)