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Hardware recommendations for Linux CarPC

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  • Hardware recommendations for Linux CarPC

    I am looking to build a CarPC that can run Windows or Linux. Given the sometimes spotty driver support for certain hardware under Linux, I want to make sure what I buy will work with Linux should I choose to go that route.

    My requirements are for a modest system (Atom 330 or 510 based), high-quality video playback not a big deal, Music Player, GPS mapping, HD radio, WiFi (sync music library with home computers), Bluetooth (for Internet access via Smartphone), BMW iBus interface (steering wheel controls)

    Can any of you Linux guys recommend hardware known to work well under Linux? Here's the hardware list:

    Motherboard (looking at Intel DM510, Zotac NM10, Zotac ION)
    GPS (USB)
    Sound card (USB or possibly PCI/PCI-E)
    Visteon HD Radio (via serial port and Mitch's cable)
    WiFi (Mini PCI-E card on Mobo w/ext antenna)
    Bluetooth (USB)
    iBus (Serial)
    Microphone (USB or Mic-In??)

    Also, do you use suspend/hibernation under Linux, or just shutdown/startup? Any issues with USB devices coming back after waking up, like there is under Windows?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hardware seems fine. You're not going to have problems with Intel MB's and linux generally. Their hardware is some of the best when it comes to linux support.