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Linux carpc software - text & LCD panels

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  • Linux carpc software - text & LCD panels

    Hi chaps...

    Is there any linux prebult software out there that does the following: (withough building myself!!)

    Runs Flac/Wav files
    Will output to 1 or 2 old school style lcd panels with track names and eq type dancing bars
    boot quickly from a laptop (stripped of course)
    associate all music from a removeable hd (gonna use a sata hot swap thing)

    That is pretty much my requirements for the moment... maybe possibly digital radio / fm with info on display... but that isn't a necessary requirement!

    I'm a bit slow with linux but will be willing to try it out... not planning a full colour display either..


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      Yeah unfortunately there isn't really any software out there that does all that. Though the software currently out there wouldn't be difficult to modify to do close to what you need, it would certainly require programming knowledge.
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        I've moved on.... gonna use linuxice and in place of the usual headunit single din I'm going to put a slot load dvd, a couple of usb ports and a power button + stuff... maybe try it again in the future but for now I'm going to leave it...

        cheers tho...