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Liliput 669GL Debian Wheezy Kernel 2.6.39, X

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  • Liliput 669GL Debian Wheezy Kernel 2.6.39, X

    I've got a Liliput 669GL and I can't get the touchscreen to work. It registers touches ut needs calibration. tslib reports "selected device is not a touchscreen I understand." I've searched countless forums, Google, etc. but unfortunately all of the driver information posted is quite old. Nothing covers X 1.10.*.

    dmesg and XOrg.0.log both report finding an eGalax touchscreen and it's assigned to /dev/input/event0. ts_calibrate reports "selected device is not a touchscreen I understand" and promptly crashes.

    Has anyone get a Liliput working with the latest kernel and X?


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    Yes I do. I don't use any third party drivers or software. I manually set the calibration values in my xorg.conf through trial and error. Add this to your xorg.conf:

    Section "InputClass"
            Identifier "touchscreen"
            MatchIsTablet "on"
            MatchVendor "eGalax"
            MatchDevicePath "/dev/input/event*"
            Option "SwapAxes" "1"
            Option "Calibration" "50 2000 100 1910"
            Option "InvertY" "1"
            Driver "evdev"
    1. I needed SwapAxes on mine, because X and Y axes were reversed.
    2. I needed InvertY because the Y axis was backwards.
    3. The calibration values I determined by trial and error. It was made more difficult by the fact that the values are applied before the SwapAxes or InvertY parameters are applied. So I would sometimes edit the wrong number, or change it in the wrong direction.

    Hope this helps!
    -- Kevin
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      have either of you used xinput_calibrator? It runs but doesn't produce anything I can use in my Xorg.conf. This goes for any egalax touchscreen that i have.
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        It's been awhile since I setup my touchscreen with Linux, but I remember trying something like that, and it wasn't working for me, so I resorted to manual trial and error for calibration values. It didn't take that long, really, to get the values dialed in.