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  • XBMC integrated with navigation

    I am running XBMC as a front-end and want to integrate navigation to it.
    I have Destinator7 running under wine for navigation and it works well, but trying to integrate it to run within XBMC is hard.

    If you look at the bottom of this blog he has iGO navigation running in wine, integrated into XBMC!!!

    I have tried XBMC adv. launcher but it wont "integrate" into XBMC, just launches as a normal separate window.
    Anyone have ideas how this can be done?

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    It looks like he is running the navigation in the background using:
    DISPLAY=:99 wine iGO831_PC_110206.exe &

    then using xvfbd to display it when user clicks navigation button
    /etc/rc.d/xvfbd start

    how does xvfbd work like that?


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      you can use some windowmanager like fluxbox to remove all window decorations, and as mentioned launch the navigation on another screen/workplace.

      did it a while ago with automapa navigation. you can use wmctrl to move the window from one display to another for ex.:
      # DISPLAY=:0.0 wmctrl -r WINDOWNAME -t 0

      to get the WINDOWNAME of wine/igo you have to use
      # wmctrl -l

      (a few other tips, i've started the navigation with x11, so when i clicked on start nav, it was "loaded" instantly. and you could/should use (re)nice to change the process priority. when it's not visible you can renice to level 19, and when "opening" navigation set it back to 0


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        Yes I'm using wmctrl as well now.

        Thanks for the process priority tip, just thinking how it might lag the navigation (also the voice) if it was directing and I switched to the media player....


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          trippah, did you actually get the same results with the navigation embedded into xbmc? I'm not using archlinux but ubuntu instead however all the prerequisites I've done, xbmc is working my gps software is working and even have xvfb installed however not sure what files need to be edited to have navigation within xbmc like that.

          any hints would be great I like the idea of having the nav start with x11 BennY also, so i'll see if i can find out how to set it to load in the background but any hints/steps would be great. Thanks all!


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            Trippah, were you able to get the nav software to load within XBMC? if so can you tell me what files you edited so I can, i've been looking over this and the page linked above and haven't quite figured it out I'm rather lost.



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              I am not sure how you have your system setup but from the German example I provided above, I am pretty sure he is running the wine window (his nav) as "onTop" so that when it is launched (when nav button clicked), the window goes on top of XBMC. He has left out a bit at the bottom of the screen so you can still see the bottom part of XBMC in the background, So it just "looks like" it is integrated. Sorry to disappoint.

              I have completely changed my system so that I use virtual desktops as my task manager, and just get creative with window placements..etc.
              A nice app to have on touchscreens is easystoke to have system wide mouse/touch gestures, bundle it with an onscreen keyboard toggle button.
              Then you can also "swipe" virtual desktop. I don't use XBMC as my main media player anymore, looking into VLC or mplayer2. XBMC is very bloated IMO.
              Make the media player play/stop/vol buttons ontop & show on all desktops. This way it "looks like" everything is integrated.

              this is my alpha stage, beta is looking so much better


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                Also if you are like me wanting a "car" setup rather than installing a desktop in a car, there are alternatives to Ubuntu.
                check out the mp3car auto app mart ....