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Any tips for Gentoo on Epia M10000?

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  • Any tips for Gentoo on Epia M10000?

    Howdy, all.

    Anxiously awaiting my shiny new Epia board, and know that I'm going to run GNU/Linux on it. I've been a Debian fan for a while, but realize that I'll likely need the extra few % of performance I can get from running a source distro.

    Does/Has anyone here run Gentoo on an Epia M10000, and if so, are there any pitfalls you might point out?

    I've perused the Epia Wiki, and am comfortable with the topics it discusses (not a newbie); just looking for sage advice. For example, -O2, -O3, or -Os optimizations for kernel compilation?


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    I had my system configured with gentoo a while back and was going to go with it for my carputer, but I just couldn't find any software that I liked. Ended up switching to an nlited version of xp. Keep an eye on the unichrome project at there have been hints that the developers are intending one day to have the unichrome driver support "any" resolution. That means the 800x480 may become a reality on linux if via does not get their act together and give us this resolution. This post is making me think I may need to switch back to linux soon. It seems that they are in the process of rewriting how the driver deals with video modes...

    I used the -Os flag when compiling everything from scratch and it worked like a charm. Others like -O2 and if memory serves correct -O3 is not recommended.

    Carputer installed!!!
    Nlited XP+Minlogon, EpiaM10k, 512mb, Seagate 40 gig 2.5" HD, FM Dlink usb radio, DWL122 USB Wifi, XMD1000 tuner, PT5071 6 amp regulator, Xenarc 700TSV, and 1 ikea key box.