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eGalax touchscreen in X

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  • eGalax touchscreen in X

    Let us thank Tim Starr for this wonderful walkthrough on getting the eGalax touchscreen drivers installed on non-RPM-based distros:
    System status: in progress

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    sweet, this is goodstuff
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      Tim's site appears to be hosted on a PC in his University dorm room, and the connection isn't that reliable. I've snagged a sort-of-mirror of the site and put it up on my page so it's more accessible. I forgot to get a copy of his X config file while it was up, but I'll try to refresh this soon.



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        My mirror has been updated to include Tim's X config. If his site is down, try mine.


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          Thanks for the mirror

          Wow guys! Thanks for the kind words. Sorry about the shotty hosting- I like having control of my own server. It's now hosted off a Time Warner Cable cable modem and probably won't be much more reliable or fast for that matter. Let me know if there are any errors or if you have any other problems with the website or the touchscreen document!


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            As my first post I want to say that this is awesome. Good work.

            I will be trying this out on a Xenarc 700IDT in "sarge" and let you know how it goes. ( Hopefully it uses the same ts driver ).


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