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Destinator under wine and Xcar

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  • Destinator under wine and Xcar

    After reading some interesting posts


    I am wondering:

    Does anyone know the status of headunit/xcar? xcar's site seems to be down (the server is up, the the webtree is empty...) and headunit seems to be unmaintained.

    Having a car-ready linux distro is great, but the most important thing for me now is running destinator under wine.

    What version was the destinator that NoPistonPC has managed to run? did anyone manage to run D3? or was it D2?

    When I tried running it (I followd the instructions on the first thread) It complained about a few missing DLLs, I then copied the missing ones to the system dir and then it cried about mscomctl.ocx
    And when I copied mscomctl.ocx to the Mapmonkey dir it crashed miserably.
    Is running Mapmonkey different than running the SDK itself?

    Thanks in advance.