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Need help installing at linux

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  • Need help installing at linux

    Hy guys... i guess that this question dosent fit this forum but i dont know where to find help in this. sorry...
    Im trying to install PyCar and GPSdrive in linux and have some troubles with it...
    first of all im tried to install Pycar and it seems it needs python (a c++ tool right?). i unpacked it and what should i do next? more important please guide me how?
    after ill know how to install this can somebody guide me how to install using "make" and using "RPM" (athough i think ive figured that one).

    Im running mandrake linux 10.1 official with KDE interface.

    please help... i want to give linux a try!


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    it's been a while since I've been into linux..

    usually there is a "makefile" .. the "make" command needs a file name after it.. like "make install" if you run it in the directory of the unzipped folder.

    usually there is an install and compile script ..

    the greatsest thing about linux is the help system though .. I would suggest looking elsewhere on the web for linux specific helps.. use the term "how-to" a lot.. or use the "man" command.. for manual ,,.. then a command anme if you're confused..

    ohh yeah all of that stuff I said was from the terminal .. so I hope you know how to navigate in it.. it's much like the DOS terminal on a windows box ..

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      thanks dude!


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        Installing PyCar may be simple if you have certain hardware. I would recommend doing it in 3 steps. I assume you have already installed Python( it should be standard on your platform ).
        1. Install PyMedia
        2. Install SDL/pygame
        see SDL/pygame site for info
        3. Install PyCar
        Just get the files and run it: python .
        You may want to install python and SDL as precompiled rpms.
        Hope this helps.
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          Originally posted by neon_eddy
          I would suggest looking elsewhere on the web for linux specific helps..
          The best place to go for that is It's probably the largest Linux help community on the web.