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Using Linspire Live CD or something similiar

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  • Using Linspire Live CD or something similiar

    Has anyone tried using Linspire live instead of actually loading an os on the HD? Just wondering and if so how did/does it work for you? Or have you tried anything similiar where the OS is on CD instead of the HD?

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    I wouldn't do that just because it takes so much longer for the OS to boot up. if you don't want to damage the files on the hard disk mount it as read only. If you have your heart set on using a live CD I would suggest using Damn Small Linux. it is a really small and will boot fast.
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      If you have the right hardware Pycar is a bootable CD, it boots in a few seconds.

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        I've written a custom bootcd linux and it takes 30 seconds before it starts playing music, and about 1 minute before the interface is useable. This is on a p4 1.7 also. From the harddrive it takes about half as long, but it's far easier to just change a cd when I make a new version, rather than going to the trouble of ripping the drive out and installing it.

        In reality about 10 seconds (including bios) is definitely achieveable if you only support specific hardware and write everything with only music in mind. Mines a little more generic than that.


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          I don't have my heart set on anything really. Just thinking about security and thought if I have the OS on a cd and take the out with me then the system is really no good unless the person knows what they've got. Just idle thoughts really in the middle of the night. I was just wondering if anyone had done it or is doing it and how well it works. Thanks guys.


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            Whatever you do, DON'T use Linspire... lol It sucks so bad.

            I'd have to agree with the DSL Linux recomendation.
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