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    Well I see some are affraid to go to Linux because of teh lack of major apps like GPS. Well what about this application for GPS on Linux. Looks awesome to me and does voice!

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    Looks promising I think, but no routing right? I wonder if it would support brazil and other countries or only US..

    also not TS friendly, much less car-friendly... but I guess if it is open source then we can have some developer attack it!

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      for gpsdrive. It's been mentioned several times. Its maps are all raster-based, not vector-based, so they're just images instead of actual road position data. Also, since they're just images, it can't do any kind of routing. You also need an active internet connection for it to work, as it just grabs map images off of Mapquest, I believe.
      System status: in progress


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        non raster
        external databases (speedcameras etc)

        i want it... no resellers in sweden as of yet. But i guess i could purchase it from uk.
        just make sure you get the "plus" version since it contains the special touchscreen interface.
        for you amerigo's i don't know anything usable... bugger them about usa-maps and the might crumble


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          Well the problem here now is that it doesn't support the USA!


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            Or linux.
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              Originally posted by PURDooM
              Or linux.
              There is an old saying:
              Speaking worth the silver, silence worth the gold.

              Got the point?


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                I got an email back yesterday from mapFactor.

                "We will have a US version of mapFactor later this year."

                They got my money.

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