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    Okay, yes I am a mac fiend, but as I was looking at my car the other day I had an idea. Instead of trying to integrate a computer into the car, so that I can do stuff like watch movies, instead make the car into a service. I already have a nice iBook that does everything I need. its got a nice big screen, lots of processing power. However, I don't keep my movies on it simply because I don't need them when I typically have my laptop with me, and I need that space for other things.

    How about make the car a server, giving me things like GPS, files, etc. This way, I can hide all of the wiring in the car and integrate several control functions. What if I have other people in the car that also have their laptops (and my friends always do)? What about those with things like PSP's, other wireless devices? how about making available to them all sorts of files and resources, the biggest being GPS served over the network via GPSD. The PSP now allows me to download files directly to the device over wifi, so how about making my car able to serve those who have them?

    I'm planning to hack a Linksys NSLU2, and put Unslung on it so that I can serve up files and other resources as needed, then putting on a wireless router to serve up a hot plate of media for those without wired connections.

    Any thoughts?

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    You want your car to be a file server over wifi? I don't get the "gps server" idea, would it provide something like google maps? Serving up gps data over wifi would just tell people where your car is, that could be good or bad.
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