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  • Calibrating touchscreen

    Is there any software out there to calibrate a Xenarc 700IDT touchscreen? I am currently running in 800x480 resolution (16:9 widescreen).
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    Nevermind. If anyone has this issue, let me know and I'll explain my solution.
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      Dude, how did you do it. Can you please explain? I can not figure it out.

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        Me too.
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          yeah please tell us. We are mere mortals


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            *** For 700IDT only, sorry Lilliput users, I don't have a screen to experiment with...but if someone sends me one to borrow, I can try to get it to work ***

            First of all, I found that using the eGalax driver (touchkitusb) was a complete bust. The screen worked, but the calibration was horrendous. Here's what I did.

            Note, this guide is probably for the more Linux experienced. If you are running a binary distribution like Debian, you will need to make sure you have glibc-devel, kernel sources, and of course gcc installed. I am running Gentoo, and this works perfectly.

            1. If you have previously installed the touchkitusb module, remove all traces of it.

            2. Go find your 700IDT drivers CD that came with the monitor. If you don't have it, let me know and I will send you the appropriate drivers. I am using Gentoo Linux, and I was able to get the Fedora 2 drivers to compile perfectly (Driver/Linux/Fedora2).

            3. Make sure you have the sharutils package installed (emerge sharutils in gentoo will do the trick). Also make sure you have tcl installed (emerge tcl). Then run the installation script (

            4. I got a ton of errors when I ran this script, but it at least created an archive and extracted it to /tmp/touchkit. Change to this directory and, if you are like me and don't have rpm installed, edit the "setup" file. You are looking for this line:

            found=`rpm -qa | sed -n /^$pkg-[0-9][0-9]*\\\\./p`

            If you are confident all the appropriate packages are installed, change it to found='hello' or anything of your liking. Note the single quote, rather than the accent mark.

            5. Save the file and run setup. You are looking to run full mode (choice #2). The module and daemons should start compiling.

            6. run tpaneld

            7. modules-update

            8. modprobe tkusb

            9. Ensure that /dev/tkpanel0 exists. cat /dev/tkpanel0 and touch the touchscreen. If jibberish comes up on the screen, it works.

            10. Restart X and run touchcfg to calibrate the screen

            Let me know if anyone has questions, and if you still can't figure it out, I can shell into your box and compile everything for you if I get some time.
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              Originally posted by ghettocruzer
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