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xorg config for 7" displays?

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  • xorg config for 7" displays?

    I have been tinkering with my xorg.conf file on my epia-m1000 board, trying all the sugested modelines, that is scattered arround this place, in order to get the display to work at 800x480. But so far, I have been unsuccessfull.. I had it running 848x480, but i forgot how

    So is there any that would like to share their xorg config file? one that works for 800x480.

    I have the latest xfree86 driver from the sourceforge unichrome project (got it from cvs the other day), and have also tried to put in new dotclocks (as has been sugested elsewhere).

    But still no luck!

    Thanks to anyone that can help me out

    / Foden

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    Mine is running at 800x480 but it's configured to run on a 15kHz OEM monitor. I can post the modeline when I get home tonight but I'm not sure it'll do you any good unless you have that type of monitor.
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