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moniters compatible??

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  • moniters compatible??

    hello, im new to the carputer world i have a dell laptop, me and my friend are doing a linux redue on it, i am planing on putting it with a tocuh screen do any/what monitors can i get i want a 7 or 8 inch screen i have a 2001 GTi will the once on ebay do just fine or no??

    ps. ive tried searching i cant find anything



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    There are several makes and I'm sure everyone has an opinion as to what's better than what. Lilliput and Xenarc are two of the bigger names that come to mind but there are several others. If you get a good deal on eBay for a new monitor, go for it. I wouldn't buy a used one unless you get a really good deal.

    By the way dude, your grammar and spelling are terrible. Maybe re-read your post before you submit it (if English isn't your first language I guess you can be forgiven )
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