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  • TV cards in Linux

    I soon found out that my ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder isn't directly supported in Suse 10.
    It seems that it will be included in the next X release etc....

    How have the "generic" tv cards worked for anyone in any flavor of Linux ??

    Reason I ask is, I have 2 of them laying around and was thinking of putting one on another box running suse 10.

    TV is one of the things I have to switch back to XP for and I would much rather dump XP all together.


    p.s. BG, yeah, you can even keep my $$

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    SAA 7134 chipset cards work in Fedora and many other distros as do BT848 chipset cards.for best info check the Mythtv forums.
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      A lot of generic TV cards use bt848 chips. I say stay away from ATI. Their older cards TV out stuff doesn't work in linux without a lot of work. Look up the gatos project if you are looking for linux ATI driver. Nvidia is better in my opinion because at least they supply drivers... At least for now. I would prefer that these two companies would opensource their drivers but its been many many years and they seem to stubornly not want to support linux to its fullest.

      I agree with sim. Your best bet is to look at the mythtv documentation as they have lots of people playing with tv cards.
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        yeah, as a newbie I tried the Gatos stuff, but I FUBAR'd the X11R6 directory ( luckily made a backup ).
        I'll just wait untill the X11R7 package is available as I have NO experience creating a package from the TarBall files.
        I tried my bt878 card, and it recognized it, but couldn't tune to any channels. It was on the 233mhz system, and may not been able to handle it.
        The P4 1.9G has the ATI Radeon 8500DV which I want to really use in Linux.

        Anyway, I guess I'll just wait. Novell/Suse should have the R7 package soon.



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          have you tried the ati drivers? I think they released some linux drivers.
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            For a list of tv cards that work with linux Check out this link


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              Might be something in here: I am playing with Suse 10 and an All in Wondier card as well but haven't had enough time to devote to it yet.
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                I while back I messed around with the Gatos drivers. My first tv tuner card was the ATI All-in-Wonder 128 and after a while... a long while, I got the card working , well as much as possible on linux. I could view tv, but could not record. The main reason for this is because the Gatos drivers do not work with V4L 2 (Video For Linux) which is the Interface that Tv Tuner cards use with linux. For Example the bt848 is an Video For Linux Compliant device. Since Ifound that out. I switched to the Win-TV PVR-250 and works great under Debian.

                For More Info on ATI:
                I grabed this from
                The enhanced ati.2 X driver created by the GATOS project offers some support for TV-out, but only in its "experimental" version, available through CVS. There have been reports from people who say they have made this driver work with one or another ATI card. For example, Bruce Markey writes (on the mythtv-users mailing list): "I got this to work. You can quote me on that. I've used TV-out on several models of ATI cards both All-In-Wonder and regular cards with TV-out." See the "Adventurous Setup" section of for details. Also see for more information.