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Which PDA for Linux ?

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  • Which PDA for Linux ?

    In the idea to use it with my NO OBD interface, which PDA could you suggest ?
    Thank you

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    Not sure about your application (the big trick is finding a compactflash to serial interface), but when I had a sharp zaurus I absolutley loved it.

    If you don't like the built in distro, you can flash it with openzaurus. Its based off of debian and looks prety as all heck, and will even run X windows if you need it. I mostly use it for the terminal. That is unitil I tried to flash the origional sharp rom back on it, the sharp rom installer works like **** and it foobared my unit

    And its only about $100 off of ebay.
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      I've used iPAQs, namely 38xx and 555x series PDAs with success. I'm not crazy about the hardware but the familiar distros are pretty stable.

      you can find connectors to connect to the serial port on the docking port of the unit but the one i used made poor contact.


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        Thank you very much for those informations
        I also loved the expression "foobared"

        I'm sorry that you have killed your Zaurus


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          I have an Ipaq h2210. Familiar runs on it fine. I use GPE. A nice feature about the hardware is the compact flash and SDIO port. You can get a pretty large CF card and a good SDIO wifi adapter and you'll have a nice PDA/Email/MP3 tool.


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            Thanks TheLlama so this means that Sharp and HP are ok to run with linux...

            Wow this link sent by Jizzajam is very interesting