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  • Write your driver

    Yet another interesting article about writing your own driver.

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    Writing kernel drivers is fun.


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      well when you have at least the manufacturer's informations


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        Yes, otherwise it is a major pain. Hell, even writing a parallel port driver for my VFD was a pain.. Mainly just getting the timing and workqueues to work properly.


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          wasn't it possible to manage the thing to work through serial port with a little max233 ?


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            perhaps, it is originally designed to run in parallel mode or serial mode. However, parallel mode is the only one supporting what they call "DMA" Mode, although it isn't truely Direct Memory Access. I don't think a chip as general as the Max232 would accomplish what I'm trying to do. I think in my case I would need a microcontroller like a PIC and program it to buffer my own serial protocol and write to the screen.

            In short, I never bothered with the serial mode of the screen although it could be superior. I got it working in Parallel, it refreshes "fast enough" and that is good enough for me.

            BTW, what is that cat eating? It looks like a child's arm or something.


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              Yes with a Pic as the max alone can't translate directly it only adapts the voltage level and converts it into 5v TTL.