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    Well ok it's not native at all but this virtual machine could allow to run windows software in a little bit more secure way than running on a pure windows environment.

    in my point of view i don't like that but for some people which continues to love windows it could be usefull...ok it's not new, that's right but the new thing is that this "player" is free and at the moment is more reliable than wine or any other concurrents as cedega and many others even if they don't share the same philosophy/technology/way of doing things.

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    The player isn't exactly new either.

    It doesn't come with its own program to create images, but you you can make images using qemu-img. Decent guide:

    Discussion about VMWare Player when it came out, with different ways to get and create images for it:


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      no it isn't new that's right, i first met it with an old Red Hat 5 but at this time it wasn't free, today vmware workstation is still not free but the player and server version is
      thanks for the links