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WM Based carPC frontend

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  • WM Based carPC frontend

    as an alternative to whole frontends like mythtv; which wasn't really designed for car-use; i'm (trying) to use FVWM2 with nothing but the FVWMbuttons plugins - on i found some pictures of what i sort of wanted, and moose was kind enough to send me a sample .fvwmrc (which isn't that easy to configure)

    the advantage of such a system is that you can use any apps and skin them to fit the theme. i'm mainly interested in gpsdrive, a raster navigation program (alpha support for vector data from OSM is in CVS, so please contribute to OSM to help get free maps for linux)

    but one of my remaining tasks is finding an audio player that can easily(!) be used with only a touchscreen (with some predifined playlists, aswell as the possibility of choosing all albums from one artist, and dynamic genre-playlists) if you happen to know something please post it here! if it only does part of the job described, you're still welcome to keep the thread running.
    moose uses a skinned version of GQmpeg, which i did not very much like from the point of easiness of use (for a car-p.o.v.), aswell as stability.
    maybe xmms2 will join in here once it's a bit more advanced (5 SoC-students working on it)

    other suggestions for a wm-based-frontend?

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    I'm interested in seeing that .fvwmrc as well.
    System status: in progress


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      Blk, feel free to post the fvwmrc, there is nothing "earth shattering" in there. If you have access to the man pages the config is easy enough to follow.

      I'm surprised to hear you have had stability problems with GQMPEG. It has been rock solid for me as well as being completely "pluggable" into ALSA and also having a half decent radio card tuner interface...and a built in theme engine/editor and. . .

      Which distro are you using? I'm running the dev version of GQMPEG on Gentoo with a fairly conservative compile setup (basic optimization for VIA EPIA). It works fine, and I'm the type to normally avoid dev versions of anything at all costs... The non-dev version worked fine too but I "upgraded" to get some of the better features in the theme editor. Both versions are in portage.

      If you are using a RH or DEB variant I REALLY recommend you download the GQMPEG source and compile. I'd suspect that the binary packages have not kept up with the rest of the Linux universe.

      As for in-car usability, this requires you write a theme for GQMPEG (or whatever player you settle on) that is touch screen friendly. Take a look at the Palm/PDA theme for GQMPEG as a starting point. Once you have something like that workable then the big issue is to create dynamic/cascading playlists on-the-fly with auto-mounted media. I have something sort of working at the script level but haven't had a chance to plug that into an auto-mount method yet.

      GQMPEG can literally be made to look like anything you want - this is the main reason why I like it.

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        reece, any updates of note since your last post on
        System status: in progress


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          here you go with the .fvwm2rcs (see attachments)
          fvwm2rc_reece.txt is the original on which mine is heavily based.

          distro is ubuntu dapper but i have gqmpeg compiled from source -> maybe it's not too hapy with my ppc arch where i tested it on.
          i already took a look at the pda skin and tried to apply something of my own... i wasn't too successful...but i didn't try very hard either.
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            Originally posted by Change
            reece, any updates of note since your last post on
            Damn, August 2005, eh? Where does the time go? (kids, house, job...)

            I made a "mixer" panel in fvwm that interfaces with ALSA on the command line to deal with balance and front/rear fade. The vertical sliders to the left control the master volume, the radio tuner volume, and the computer speech volume.

            This setup is still on the system and the system is still in a box in my garage. I'm doing wreching on the Jeep these days so the electronics side has taken a back seat.

            Here is a snap shot of the semi-working mixer interface:

            Click to enlarge:

            FVWM can do anything you want, it's just a matter of understanding the syntax and understanding the "UNIX way" of doing things (small tools clipped together create large tools).
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              Originally posted by blk
              distro is ubuntu dapper but i have gqmpeg compiled from source -> maybe it's not too hapy with my ppc arch where i tested it on.
              Interesting. Apple or Generic PPC hardware?
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                the test system was a TiBook G4; Ubuntu Dapper; gcc 4; where i also wanted to do the skinning, but it kept on freezing.
                The carpc is a Via MII; but skinning on 800x480 (minus the fvwmbuttons-bar) isn't the real thing


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                  Seems like we're thinking in the same directions. As I wrote in
                  I use MMSV2 as music frontend and Fluxbox as window manager.
                  But when I read your post I realize that my system doesn't have a volume control! Hmm have to add it to the todo-list.