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Touchscreen TVS not working under slackware

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  • Touchscreen TVS not working under slackware


    I have some problem with my TVS touchscreen Monitor, The system that I am running is Linux Slackware 10, I have installed the driver and run the drawing test and the calibration successfully, so i wanna use the monitor as an input device so i made some midification in XORG but still it is not behaving as a i want it.
    So please can u help me on this issue? is there any things that i should add after testing the calibration and drawing....

    Thanks for ur attention..

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    Could you give us more info on what it's doing or not doing that you think it should be doing? That would help us better understand how to help. Thanks
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      dont have experience with touchscreen. Do they behaive like PS2 mouses??

      If is like that, I had configured succesfully configured USB touchpads. and dual systems. Should not be a problem.

      Anyway, please give more info.
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