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video on VIA VT1622A TV out

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  • video on VIA VT1622A TV out

    I've just gotten my car PC running (Debian Testing). It's a VIA EPIA MII1000 board which has the VT1622A TV composite output. I have it connected to a Valor ITS-705W Mobile Multimedia System TV screen. It's a 7" widescreen/touchscreen format -- decently nice. I've verified that the appropriate video driver is getting loaded, and I've put the appropriate ModeLines lines into xorg.conf so that I get video output. It's not all that legible on the little screen, but it is at least up and working.

    I'm having trouble getting the video to show the way I want. It doesn't go from one edge to the other (black bars on each side) and some of the video image itself is missing, particularly from the right side. I'm used to resolving these kinds of issues with video adjustments on a computer monitor (Vert and Horiz offsets, widths, etc.), but I don't think such adjustments are available to me on this unit.

    Does the forum have any tips for getting Xorg to draw on the complete TV screen? What other info would be helpful in getting this issue resolved?

    Rick Reynolds

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