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Griffin Powermate on GeeXboX?

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  • Griffin Powermate on GeeXboX?

    Anyone had any luck making Griffin Powermate work on this distro?
    I ordered my Powermate last week. Going to drop my G4 433Mhz tower in trunk. Right now trying to find a suitable distro to run. What would you guys recommend?
    My requirements are simple - should play MP3s and some videos from HD and maybe DVD/MP3s from optical drive, but that will come later.
    Hmm... Maybe display OBDII info as well?
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    Seems like I'm going to go with highly customized Ubuntu. It will save me tons of time to customize it to what I need and it still will be pretty lightweight distro to run. Most probably I will be running 1 application per desktop and will be switching between desktops using Powermate (click + turn)
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      Good choice with ubuntu, Geexbox makes a great set top. but If you want to add stuff to it, it can can get very complicated and time consuming. Good Luck with ubuntu.
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        Yeah, I have tons of Ubuntu CDs laying around anyhow (say 50+?) and I currently use it on one of my servers and on my laptop. Hm... Wonder if I should make a bracket to hot-swap my laptop into a circuit and mount it behind my seat...
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          my griffin is coming this following monday =)
          i already prepared screen, 250gb hard drive, upped ram to like 700+mb, and got 200w power inverter.

          now i need to get vga -> rgb rca cable and install os.
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            my griffin just came in today =)
            going to start on the system setup either today at evening or tomorrow
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              geexbox & powermate

              Sorry for the late reply. If you're still interested, I made a daemon for the powermate for geexbox 1. I'm sure it will also work for ver 1.1, but the full source are not available yet.
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                I use ubuntu kernel and modules only, rest of the system is unstable debian, with WindowMaker. So far I just made a plugin for my car2pc interface, and switch screens, etc. using my headunit, but that knob looks very interresting.
                Let's get one! Herve, any chances for some sources or any documentation?

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                  powermate and geexbox

                  Sorry again for the late answer:
                  I don't get notify when there's a reply to this thread.
                  So, I rewrote the daemon for the powermate for geexbox (actually it can be used with any distro that has mplayer listening to /var/mp_control in slave mode. but just geexbox has the ability to do the OSD stuff the right way, also it boots so fast that no suspend to disk is required. I just switch the computer off: there's no write access anyway with GB) and if I spend some time to tune up a package there's a good chance to get it commited.
                  There's more info in geexbox forum (keyword for a search: powermate).


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                    But if you can not wait until then, I can give you the source code of course. It's easy to recompile geexbox since the full source are available since ver 1.1 release.